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Musician Workshops at the Green Room


Artist Growth has opened a one-of-a-kind co-working space for musicians in East Nashville, Tennessee — it’s called The Green Room. It’s a great opportunity for musicians to have a place to work on their small business, network, collaborate, and learn.

Creators’ Freedom Project is honored to collaborate with Artist Growth by providing weekly workshops to help empower musicians to take control of their small business by leveraging their core skillset — creativity.

The following are scheduled workshops hosted at The Green Room. We hope to see you there!

The Green Room is located here:

521 Gallatin Ave Suite 4 Nashville, TN 37206

Upcoming Workshops Visual Fan Engagement: How to build new loyal followings with photos and video

August 27 | 7:30pm - 8:30pm


Workshop Description: YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine but #1 in music discovery. Instagram has 130 Million monthly active users. Vine’s expressive six-second videos are growing in popularity and being used in creative ways that users love. You and your content must be active and available to be found on these networks. In this session we’ll provide best practices for photo and video creation, how to strategically engage on these visual networks to achieve your goals.

Past Workshops

Return on Creativity: Living the dream and making a living

July 30 | 7:30pm - 8:30pm

Workshop Description: Never has there been a time in history when it was more possible for any creator to make a living from her or his creativity. You may have already realized it and started on your path to Creative Entrepreneurialism. But are you doing it strategically? What systems have you put in place? Do you see all the opportunities and act on them? At the heart of it is this: Do you have a plan? In this session, we’ll introduce you to the concept of “Return on Creativity” and how your creativity gives you the edge in business.

Music Media Bootcamp: Establishing a web presence

August 7 | 7:30pm - 8:30pm

Workshop Description: Opportunity strikes when you least expect it. As a musician, do you have a system setup to take advantage of those opportunities? This session is focussed on setting up an online and offline system for musicians. It’s fast-paced and you’ll leave with what you need to setup a branded website, email address, traffic analytics, mailing list, and selling your music online.

Making Music Social: How to engage with your fans

August 13 | 7:30pm - 8:30pm

Workshop Description: How to engage with your fans: Each social network comes with its own personality and purpose — exploring new people and growing conversations, engaging with people you already know, and joining communities of likeminded and passionate peers. Is just one network right for you? Can you leverage each network to grown your following? We’ll explain what your social network goals should be, and how to execute your plan, and how to measure your effectiveness.

Mobile Music Bootcamp: How to create, listen and engage from your pocket

August 20 | 7:30pm - 8:30pm

Workshop Description: How to create, listen and engage with fans from your pocket: Imagine lugging around a computer just to send a text message to a friend. That’s no longer the world we live in. Thanks to smartphones and cheap Internet everywhere, engaging one-on-one is as easy as broadcasting a message to thousands. In this session, we’ll explore the best apps and services to make it easy to create, and listen & respond to your growing fan base whenever and where ever you are.

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